Why We Love Prints!

Wolf & Bear is a small Yorkshire based business that started because of our love for Wall art. We began creating prints when we moved to our first home and we couldn’t stop! Because we love what we do we only use high quality paper and genuine inks to create vibrant prints.

We hope you love what we do as much as we do bringing it to you :)

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality prints on the market, we only print on 260gm Paper! Yes that’s right 260gm that is VERY thick!The reason we use thick Satin Paper is not just for the thickness put it holds the ink perfectly for everlasting colour and sharpness!

We only use top quality canon pigment inks on our prints giving the print a life time quality which Doesn’t fade over time. 

100% handmade soap bar


Our Workshop

We work from our little studio in our little house in Yorkshire.

All Designed, Printed, And Frames in our home and delivered to yours. we are so humble and grateful for all the support from our customers and achieving over 15,000 Sales from our little Studio. 

We just love working from our little home, has we can take our time and make sure every print and frame we send is to the very best standards. 

Meet The Makers

Hi Were Ric & Jay the creators of Wolf & Bear Prints. 
We started back in 2019 and we have loved every minute of printing and designing.

We both work from home and has creative people our customers have give us so much support and encouragement to keep our dream alive.